Together Stronger Social Development Organization (TSSDO) is a non-governmental, non-for-profit organization established in 2011 by a group of private business partners as a corporate social responsibility aimed at the development and empowerment of poor people in Yemen.

Food Security

Together Stronger works in communities where agriculture is the backbone of the local economy and forms the main source of household incomes

Small and Micro Enterprise Development

Together Stronger is dedicated to the development and empowerment of small-scale household enterprises and principled

Local Community Empowerment

The success of any development initiative is greatly dependent on the participation and ownership of local communities targeted.

Why Choose Us?

We work to improve the quality of life of poor women and men. Together with our partners, we maximize our experience, our knowledge, our resources, and our market relations to deliver long lasting solutions that result in securing food, increasing incomes, providing jobs, and fostering new businesses for the benefit of socially and economically underprivileged populations countrywide. We work to assist most disadvantaged people to transform their traditional livelihood into income generation activities. Then we strengthen their market links with potential buyers for sustainable development.

We work closely with all partners in the public and private sectors as well as civil society in response to the country humanitarian emergency situation. We help improve the nutritional and food security status of the most vulnerable populations in addition to saving essential agricultural assets that maintain livelihood, nutrition, and food security countrywide.

  • We work ethically to ensure the respect and dignity of all individuals.
  • We believe in the power of partnerships.
  • We are committed to cooperation rather than competition.
  • We are accountable, transparent, and responsive to all stakeholders.
  • We strive to achieve sustainable success for communities we work for.
  • We are obsessed by continuous learning.
  • We are strong on self-development and continuous improvement.
  • We are committed to the quality of our care.

Private Sector Orientation
Our management and operations are based on private sector principles and speed, with a clear commercial orientation fashioning a new business excellence model for sustainability across NGOs in Yemen…

Organizational Project Management Maturity
We apply a globally acknowledged methodology for project design, management, and evaluation. Project management skills, processes, tools, and techniques are thoroughly in place across the organization to ensure the success of projects undertaken more effectively and efficiently.

Professional Team
The board, executive management, and key staff at Together Stronger possess the expertise, knowledge, and skills required to achieving the organizational goals in the various areas of intervention. Our team includes Yemeni professionals, who possess master/bachelor degrees by internationally recognized institutions (e.g., MBA, MSc, BSc), in addition to various management certifications (e.g., project management, quality assurance, service excellence).
Our team members have also worked for numerous national and international organizations in different development projects. Examples include:
World Bank and IFC

  • Tetrapak – Sweden
  • GoPro-Iceland
  • Social Fund for Development

The Organization has consistently developed a professional pool of global and local consultants that leverages our technical assistance in the different areas of work when needed.

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